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AIAD Fellowship initiatives

 Science and Public Policy
AIAD Fellowships help to establish and nurture critical links between government decision-makers and scientific professionals to support public policy that benefits the wellbeing of African nations and the planet. The Fellowships are designed to:
  • educate scientists and engineers on the intricacies of government policymaking;
  • provide scientific expertise and analysis to support decision-makers confronting increasingly complex scientific and technical issues;
  • foster positive exchange between scientists and policymakers;
  • empower scientists and engineers to conduct policy-relevant research that addresses challenges facing society; and
  • increase the involvement and visibility of scientists and engineers in the public policy realm.


 Science and Engineering Policy and Practice Group

AIAD Fellowship programs initiative serves society, government, and the research community through a diverse set of activities. Its programs address several objectives of the AIAD,including furthering the work of scientists, improving the effectiveness of science in the promotion of human welfare, and fostering scientific freedom and responsibility.

AIAD units that operate at the intersection of science and engineering with science and  government comprise the  Science and Engineering Policy and Practice Group . Which is concerned with the aspects of science and technology policy that directly affect the research environment and the practices of scientists and engineers. It is similarly concerned with the ways in which science and engineering expertise and knowledge are represented in public policy issues.

                       R&D and countries

So far, every major R&D funding is in line to receive an increase in coming years.  These additional grants have allowed for significant additions to requested R&D funding levels.

Every major R&D agency would receive an increase, as will be detailed in AIAD R&D Funding Updates providing real-time coverage of R&D in the FY 2008 to 2015 appropriations process.

                             2008-2015 program

 The countries initially targeted in the 2008-2015 funding programs include but not limited to South Africa, Kenya,Ghana,Rwanda,Tanzania,Uganda,Botswana,Zambia,Malawi and Senegal.

AIAD fellowship programs target these countries since they are nations with low population(under 50 million people per country), that have more flexibility to respond to global changes by adapting faster.At the same time the researchers in these countries work closely with policy makers in government, ensuring the creation of strategic novel policies supporting research, education, and innovation. South Africa, for example, has a very structured system that deals with R&D investments and innovation.

Kenya recently put in place multiple Advisory Boards and Councils to provide guidance to the government on year 2030 development vision. Uganda is undergoing a systemic reform of their entire educational system (from primary to secondary to higher education). While each of the above small country represents a unique set of challenges and possibilities, the sum lessons learned are applicable to multiple situations.

AIAD fellowships are structured to help propel these countries towards better use of science and engineering in public policy matters.

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