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 AIAD Leadership Programs
AIAD sponsors a sound education program of leadership studies at African  Colleges that provide AIAD sanctioned leadership programs.  Students are encouraged to develop their full potential through curricular and experiential learning. 
 Programs include the Leadership Studies Sequence (equivalent to a minor in leadership studies), Leadership Workshops, and  Internships.
Step Up to Leadership must draw nationwide high school students to an intensive week-long  leadership camp.

Our primary outreach method is an ongoing informational program aimed at helping unique leadership groups grow career wise as well as enabling  professionals to meet and interact .

AIAD brings program graduates, business leaders, and community leaders together to share visions, test ideas, and seek solutions for a sustainable future.

Policy makers programs
AIAD through its sponsored programs educates public policy-makers and environmental, business and community leaders with non-partisan analysis, studies, and research to assist them in leading the community to a sustainable future.
 The  AIAD Leadership Institute also sponsors occasional meetings or seminars to bring together policy leaders on specific issues, and Institute staff meets periodically with key policy-makers to introduce the Leadership Institute and its work.
public education & Training
AIAD provides information to the larger community supporting public education programs. Its purpose is to heighten awareness of the need for programs and practices that will insure a high quality of life for future generations. This is done through a 16- course leadership program available by clicking on the link below via email access.  

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Center of Science and Technology (COSAT)
The Centre of Science and Technology [COSAT] is a specialist Mathematics, Science and Information Technology school ,which is based in Khayelitsha at the Good Hope Campus of False Bay College.  It prepares disadvantaged students of potential for tertiary studies in Science-related fields.
It is, without doubt,  the most successful Maths and Science intervention in the Western Cape, South Africa.

Center of Science and Technology
Cape Town, South Africa

It opened its doors in 1999, with the purpose of creating a successful model that could address the crisis of Mathematics and Science education in township schools and the dearth of suitable candidates entering Maths, Science and Engineering courses at universities.
Disadvantaged learners of potential and with an interest in Mathematics and Science were invited to leave their secondary schools to join COSAT, where they would receive an education that would prepare them for tertiary studies.
In 2008, AIAD finalized and signed a 5- year grant  to sponsor hundreds of bright students at COSAT through 2014.More about COSAT

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