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Environmental Leadership


Sustaining a better future
AIAD Leadership Training for a Sustainable Future is an educational program on creating public policy that integrates ecology, economy and social equity into sustainable community.  The seminar-style course, held once every three months, inspires current and future leaders through field trips, presentations by local and regional experts, panel discussions, hands-on exercises, and a group leadership project. 

Participants will deepen their understanding of key environmental public policy issues and opportunities, as well as gain a new vision for a more just and sustainable future.  They will also connect with other concerned leaders, receive an extensive binder of related readings, and develop the tools, resources and networks needed to become more effective policymakers and community leaders.

Optional mentorship program

AIAD sponsored Leadership Training for a Sustainable Future is a proactive, applied educational experience, engaging participants through a class leadership project, homework and reading assignments , and an optional mentorship program that connects current students with Institute Fellows in relevant fields.


Topics Include:

  • Principles of Sustainability
  • Our Natural Environment
  • Watersheds and Ecosystems
  • Water Quality and Supply
  • Agriculture
  • Land Use
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Planning and Urban Design
  • Local History & Demographics
  • Role of Government
  • History of Local Activism
  • Community Organizing and Influencing Public Policy  

Sponsorship strategy

AIAD proactively contributes to a range of environmental initiatives across African continent through broad-based environmental sponsorship and partnership programs. The environmental sponsorship strategy has recently been developed to ensure:

  • appropriate alignment between environmental partnerships/sponsorships and AIAD Environment Policy;
  • increased transparency of sponsorship decision making;
  • transparency to all stakeholders in regard to sponsorship selection; and
  • clear objectives for environmental partnerships/sponsorships investments.

Sponsorship and partneship programs

The sponsorship strategy has a number of criteria that must be examined. These include:

  • Demonstrates and communicates tangible connection with AIAD Environmental charter
  • Sponsorship opportunity supports the commitments made in AIAD environment policy
  • Provides broad and equitable opportunity across AIAD's area of operation, without replicating existing sponsorship activity
  • Effectively reaches AIAD key stakeholders and target audiences within our areas of operation, not replicating existing sponsorship activity
  • The sponsorship proposal or opportunity demonstrates its ability to provide mutually beneficial and measurable sponsorship outcomes across the continent
  • The organisation seeking sponsorship has a proven record of effective management
  • The sponsorship provides engaging and attractive opportunities for community involvement (volunteering, participation, profile).

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