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African Health Initiatives:


In the developing world, thousands of children under that age of 18 die each year due to preventable illness, malnutrition, and mal-effects of poverty.  It is our belief at AIAD that every man, woman and child has equal right to information and resources to maintain good health.  However, providing information and resources alone will not ensure progress in improving health; it is vital that visions of positive change also be instilled in tomorrow’s leaders. 


Short Term Plans


We recognize the urgency for Africans to build their communities in the manners that best correlate with each valuable culture whilst maintaining tolerance of differences amongst tribes and clans.  That is why we have come up with a 50 year plan to get the ball rolling on a grassroots level from within the community in conjunction with long-term plans (50 years +) to effect positive change utilizing a combination of grassroots programs, reinforced with government support in those countries where a relationship has been established free of corruption, to ensure sustainability of good health for all families. 

Program Focus


Our programs offer grant-making opportunities and consultation for initiatives that focus on:

  • Initiatives to make health care affordable and accessible to all people throughout Africa
  • Clean Water Movement
  • Infectious disease prevention programs: HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB, diarrheal diseases, etc.
  • Vaccine research, development, sustainable distribution  and access
  • Nutrition education, emphasizing the importance of regular physical activity as well as proper hygiene for health maintenance
  • Chronic disease research and treatment:  Chronic respiratory illness, diabetes, obesity related illness,
  • Medication / Drug research, development, distribution, and follow-up
  • Programs that provide assistance to and enhance the independence of disabled individuals including but not limited to:  resources for the blind, deaf, limb amputees, para/quadriplegics
  • Support technological advances and research in Healthcare

Other Initiatives

  • Sustainable farming programs and assistance for targeted self-sustainability
  • We believe that an important part of health maintenance is maintaining a healthy environment;  We support programs that focus on Tropical Rainforest Protection, Reforestation projects, reusable and alternative energy source research and implementation, Clean Water Programs, Recycling projects, Proper toxic waste disposal, etc., and vigilance, program analyses of efficiency and effectiveness of supported programs.

Maintaining Consistency, Integrity, and Effectiveness


Program Audits of efficiency and effectiveness are a regular part of maintaining honesty and integrity in our programs as well as ensuring that support reaches those most in need. 

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