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Transparency and Human Rights


Justice and human rights
AIAD supports organizations that defend and promote the rule of law, access to justice, and human rights. The initiative seeks to support efforts to protect the rights of marginalized and disadvantaged communities by documenting human rights violations and conducting civic education.
The Justice Initiative combines litigation, legal advocacy, technical assistance, and the dissemination of knowledge to secure advances in the following priority areas: national criminal justice, international justice, freedom of information and expression, and equality and citizenship.
Governance and accountability
AIAD supports advocacy efforts to strengthen the institutional framework of representative democracy, to promote greater public participation in and oversight of state governance, and to press for accountability for state officials.

Free media and information access
AIAD supports efforts to defend and strengthen the media environment, fosters initiatives that provide greater access to independent information as well as diversity in media ownership, and encourages growth of independent media efforts that engage civic participation or reach local audiences in marginalized communities.
This includes support for media training initiatives, independent and/or community-based media, as well as information and communication technologies.
AIAD community media
AIAD seeks to strengthen the community media outreach by providing grants to community based FM radio stations in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa and Zimbabwe.
The grants also seek to expand the media to rural based community organizations within East, West and Southern Africa.

Government and Non-govermental transparency initiative
AIAD works with national partners and civil society groups to compile systematic country reports on governance issues, using a framework linking respect for human rights to progress in development. Reports are based on a standardized template, allowing cross-country comparison and learning, encouraging debate, and highlighting best case practices. All materials produced are publicly available.
AIAD works with national and regional partners to raise awareness of the reports’ findings on good governance and human rights.Are Milleneum village projects Immeasurable?New findings soon.Read more..
AIAD governance initiative is currently focusing on the following themes:
Justice Sector and the Rule of Law,Political Representation ,Civil Service ,Role of International aid agencies in development,Monitoring the progress of international organizations,Reporting on effects of international organizations in Africa

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